Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Thoughts for Tuesday

One thing that God has began to speak to me is sometimes in the midst of all we have going on in our lives we occasionally forget to remember Him.  We know the direction that he has us headed in so we think we have instruction enough and don't need to concern ourselves with asking Him for further instructions.  These are times that I find myself often thinking I can stop working at my relationship with Christ.  Things are already planned out so I can put my relationship on cruise control and not really worry about it.  On the flip side I also find myself in places where I am so straining to hear from God and focus only on what He has for me in the future I forget to look at what He has for me at this very moment.  I fail to see that there are lessons to be learned things to be learned from Him and about Him.  We have been singing a song on Sunday nights with the High School youth called, Give Me Your Eyes, it is a song of prayer asking God to reveal to us what He sees when we see other people, but I think we could take this a step further.  How would our lives be if we could see our lives the way He does.  We wouldn't be so concerned with one specific area but we would truly begin to see that He truly holds our lives in the palm of His hand.  We would see that he directs us in our every movement!  We would see that what we often concern ourselves with and worry about, He has complete control of and there would be no need to be concerned or worried.  So my challenge for this month would be in all that you do strive to see your life the way God does.  He knows full well that He is in control.  Yes there are things we must do to complete His plan for our lives but we can do those things without worry or fret, because we know that He is in control.  

Friday, September 26, 2008


Just thought it was interesting today, the day that WAMU goes under and is bought by JP Morgan Chase is the day that I get 3 separate offers for WAMU credit cards.  Something to think about right?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Yay USC Loses!!!

I was going to write a big huge long blog about how over-rated USC was but I dont think I need to Oregon State showed that tonight as they supposedly upset the #1 football team in the Nation! GO BEAVERS!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Still Trying To Decide on What My Blog Will Be About?

Im still not sure what my blog will be about. Maybe it will be just the daily adventures of Scott? Who knows? Maybe I will write about what God is doing in my life? Maybe I will write about what little I know about politics?  Maybe I will write about what my dog is doing. She is chillin in her recliner at the moment! Haha! Yeah my dog has a recliner. Or maybe I can take suggestions from all of you readers out there!! (Haha! that is supposed to be a joke cause I imagine I dont have many readers.) Anyhow, still thinking bout what im gonna write about so thats whats goin on in my world tonight. Hope all of yalls nights are going amazingly!! 

Welcome To My Blog

Well I am bored today so I decided to start a blog so that people can know everything that they don't want to know about me.  So yeah I hope yall enjoy my blog. Im not really sure what I will be blogging about but I guess you will find out in the weeks, months, and years ahead!! Yay!!