Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"Who Says I Can't Get Stoned"

(To start things off, I know that is a bold titled and it is so in order to get your attention, now I pray that your attention will be held throughout the rest of this blog.)

After some of the recent things happening with famous Americans I am inspired to write a response to some of things I have heard from people in the media.  My inspiration comes from a couple of things.  One, comments that one of Nike’s spokes person said and two, some things that John Mayer said on a radio interview on Sirius Radio as well as one of his songs.  John Mayer wrote the perfect song for every famous person in America. Heck any person in the world can sing this song and think that it makes them feel good and justified in what they do.  The song is “Who Says”.  Im not sure how many of you have listened to it and if you haven’t I’m not sure that I would suggest it.  It is a very catchy song, one that can easily get stuck in your head.  The main line that is most prevalent in the song is “Who says I can’t get stoned?” and then it follows up things he would do after he gets stoned.  (“There is one good verse that says “Who says i can’t be free? From all the things that I used to be. Re-write my history Who says I can’t be free?” a good verse but even that doesn’t redeem the song in my book. Cause if someone handed me a pile of crap and told me that there was the worlds most famous brownie in the middle of it there still wouldn't be any way I would eat the pile of crap.  Because it is still a pile of crap) Ok, that was a little bit of a ramble, but now on to the main points.  The comment that a Nike spokesperson said was something to the effect that, in 30 years as we look back over Tiger Woods’ career this whole unfaithfulness and cheating on his wife thing will be just a blip on the radar.  They went on to say that Tiger Woods made a mistake and we should cut him a break.   I guess this guy expects us to sing the words “Who says I can’t have an affair?” or “who says I can’t have my wife plus 6 other women?”.  Moving right along to John Mayer he said in his radio interview that people act much more offended than they actually are, this in reference to Adam Lambert’s stage antics a few weeks ago on the American Music Awards.  I am offended by his disgusting display of what he calls “art”.  Many in our culture expect us to all be desensitized and completely tolerant of any and every kind of behavior.  Because “Who says they can’t _______ (fill in the blank)”.  I would agree that each person in this world has free will that has been given to them, and no one should be able to control another’s actions, but all people should be willing to take suggestions and advice to better their actions for the common good of all.  So my response to Nike’s spokesperson is, “You are right we shouldn’t go out and all get irate and try to lynch Tiger Woods for what he did.  He is human and we all make mistakes and one mistake shouldn’t define a person’s life.  But just look over it and express no opinion on his unacceptable actions, I think not. I do think we should express our disappointment in him because he is in a position to influence many people’s lives through his actions.  In the words of Andy Stanley, it is an “unintended consequence of being in leadership” people watch you, people shape their actions after you.”  To John Mayer,  “I think people truly are as offended as they are acting.  What parent wants their child (no matter their age) to see two grown men (or even grown women) open mouth kissing??  What parent wants their kids to learn to say, “Who says I can’t get stoned?”.  People have the right to be offended by the things that the mainstream media tells us we should tolerate, and just because we are offended by such things doesn’t for a second mean that we are uneducated or narrow minded.  You are right, I can’t say that you can’t get stoned but I would advise against it.” So in closing to my long rant I challenge you all (and my self) to  check and see what about this world offends us.  If the Spirit of God is living in you and me like we claim He is, then many things of this world will offend us!  So, I am not advocating that we should all go away and make our own lil community out in the woods  somewhere, but I am saying that we should truly be aware of what we are accepting and tolerating in our lives and what we are allowing ourselves to be exposed to!

tired of just ok,

(disclaimer: I have never been stoned nor have I ever done any illegal drugs)

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Limbloggercheese said...

I have never been stoned either!! so it is possible to do without any drugs ever at any time. (But I also have to give credit to Jesus Christ for making me with no desire to do drugs of any kind.)