Monday, May 3, 2010


A week ago Sunday I did my first ever photo shoot!! I was pretty excited about it!  Starting out I was pretty nervous and didnt really know what the crap I was doing...not much had changed by the end but I felt like we got a few good pictures! The pictures were for my good friends Brent and Phillip Hall's band named Phlint.  Im always up for critiquing so you photographers out there please let me know whatcha think!  (after uploading the pics I didnt realize that I had gotten my shadow in a few of the pictures, but oh well.. lesson learned!) 

 Another one of the band
 some sepia tone!
 samore sepia!
So there they are.. let me know whatcha think.


Memzie said...

I know I am not a professional but they look really good!

Rose said...

they look great! I love them! So you are a youth pastor? At our church we don't have a youth group or anything, but we have Sunday School! lol That's so neat that you're a youth pastor though! Are you married or do you have a family of your own?