Sunday, October 24, 2010

What a difference a day makes...

What a difference a day makes.  You know in our lives we can be walking through a week, or maybe even a month or even a longer season than that and then we come to a day and that day makes a difference and sometimes those days change the course or our paths in life.  Today is an anniversary of one of those days for me and even today has been a refreshing breath of air to me in the season I am in right now.  To start things off, today is an anniversary for me! Today, October 24 is the 5 year anniversary for two things in my life.  First, 5 years ago today I got a call from a Pastor in Artesia, New Mexico telling me that his church was offering me the youth pastor position at their church! (Which I did accept!) and two, today is my 5 year anniversary of being clean of alcohol.  What a difference a day makes!  In that one day 5 years ago God in His abundant love and grace pointed me in a better direction.  It wasn't the direction I had planned but it has been sooo much greater than where my life was headed.  It was just a normal day not much different than other days, but it changed the direction of my life.  At first I had a hard time seeing what exactly it was God was doing and I didn't quite understand all of it but I knew deep down that where He was leading me was right where He desired for me to be. Like I said it was just a day, a day I stepped out and gave God control of my life in ways that I had not before done.  Doing that has forever changed my life.  So I come to today another day that is much like yesterday and the day before that.  But, is today one of those days? You know we never come to a day knowing that on that day our lives will be forever changed but often that is exactly what God has planned for us!  As I look back on my life to this point I see where and what God has delivered me from.  I see myself 5 years ago and see just how scared and unsure of what was ahead of me in life.  But I see how despite the fear and uncertainty I trusted God with my life.  So what does this mean for me today?  One today is a sweet day for me, a day of sweet remembrance for me and a day that I will and must always remember!  In my remembering though, I also must remember that God is not finished with me yet.  That the changes made 5 years ago were a change in direction that needed to happen then but as I move forward from here there are still more changes to be made.  On a daily basis I should be looking to God direct me in the changes that need to be made.  I must always remember that at times in life God will again lead me to places that were very similar to what I felt 5 years ago.  A feeling of uncertainty of where God is leading me. But I must remember that God is faithful and worthy to be trusted with my future.  Today might not have been a day that was as pivotal as this day 5 years ago but today has the potential.  I must continue to look towards God for my direction and must continue to know that God is completely worthy of being trusted.  (I think thats about all I have to say.. I think this might be a lil repetitive at times but hopefully it gets my point across.  And the point is this.  I am incredibly grateful for the amazing grace that God has showed me in my life and at the same time I need to continually stay aware of God's movement in my life and be attentive to his moving and his directing of my life.) So yeah... here is too a day that has made a difference!  Will tomorrow be one of those days?  God knows, and I know God and know that in trusting Him the uncertainty and fear of facing what is in the future will slowly fade.

what a difference a day made...

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