Monday, August 27, 2012

Trusting God before, in and after the storm..

It seems to me that in the last few weeks I have been discovering lil gems tucked away in very familiar passages of scripture.  My reading this morning led me to Genesis 8-9 (I had read chapter 7 last week-this is the story of Noah and the Ark).  I always remember that God called Noah to build an ark and that the animals came in by twosies twosies... and that it was made out of gopher barkie barkie, and that it rained for 40 daysies daysies... (well thats how the song goes at least). But a major part that I had failed to see was the trust Noah had for God throughout the whole process of before, during and after the storm.  First of all Noah built a huge boat on dry ground... that is trusting God that He prepares us for things that are we do not see coming.  He brings all sorts of animals (actually more than just two of every animal, he brought just two male and female of the unclean animals and then 7 pairs of clean animals and birds)  God tells them that in 7 days He will bring a flood, so He then instructs them to enter the boat.  The flood waters come and for 40 days the earth is flooded.  (40 days is a long time for it to rain.. especially if you live in the desert like I do!).  So Noah trusted that God had prepared him for these 40 days and trusted God through the 40 days.  And then the flood waters ceased and they unloaded the ark.....wait.... thats not how it happened at all!!  After the 40 days of flood waters then it was another 150 days before the ark ever came to rest on dry ground, it was then another 2 and half months before they were able to see peaks of other mountains, then another 40 days passed and Noah opened a window (it was probably getting stinky) and sent out a raven (yep it was a raven first then the dove), next the dove was sent out and found no place to rest.  He waited a week and sent the dove again this time it returned with an olive branch, waited one more week sent the dove again and it never returned.  All added up it was about 10 and a half months (that's what the NLT says) from when the flood began to when they were able to exit the boat.  The whole 10 and a half months part never really occurred to me. Many of us encounter storms in our lives of all sizes and lengths.  What we must remember is that God works in us to best prepare us before the storm hits.  This takes trust for us to listen to God's guidance because many times we never see the storms coming.  Next in the midst of the storm we are called to trust in God and the provisions He has blessed us with and the leadership He provides us during the storm.  Now the final part is the hardest.  Many time once the storm has passed we want there to be no after effects of the storm.  The reality is that there will be effects of the storms long after the storm has gone. It is in this time it is most crucial for us to remember God's promises to us as well as look back on what God has delivered us from.  So wherever you find yourself this week whether it be in a season of no storms, in the midst of one or dealing with the after effects I pray that we will cling to God and trust in His provision and guidance in our lives!!  

trusting Him,

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