Monday, January 5, 2009

Drive Back To Artesia

Well, as some of you know I occasionally enjoy taking pictures while I am driving. Well this past sunday I was driving back from Pagosa Springs, CO to Artesia and decided to snap a few pics while driving. Yeah i know, its pretty stupid cause there was snow on the ground and all that jazz, but hey it made for some pretty sweet pictures! These are just a few of the over 100 pics I took while driving in the snow! Hope ya enjoy. These are all just with my Samsung point and shoot.

Snow Covered Bushes
not sure what you would call this one?

yeah you could see maybe a quarter mile in front of you at most!

this was crazy pretty!
Hope you enjoy, and as you often here them say on TV please do not attempt to take any pictures while driving a vehicle especially when you are driving on snow and ice, it isnt the safest thing in the world!


Penny Rodgers said...

Pretty, but not fun to drive in!

~Amanda~ said...

Very pretty! I get so tense when I drive in the snow. By the time I finally get where I'm going I'm sore all over :)

Memzie Latham said...

These are very pretty but I don't think that was very smart to do.

Diana Latham said...

Beautiful!!! Glad you made it home safe....taking pictures or not....driving on ice and snow is treacherous. Love the views of your world.

Carleigh Latham said...

great job on the pics. i love it!!

Jana said...

those are beautiful pictures. i like to take pictures while i am driving too. but i would probably refrain during the snow. that's just me though.