Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Pictures

Well I hope that all of you had a wonderful Christmas!! Mine was pretty stinkin good!! Gotta spend some time with my family and got a few things that I wanted! A week or so before Christmas got bought a new toy!! A Canon Digital Rebel!! Which I am enjoying tremendously. And with it, I took some pictures and so here are a few for you all to enjoy!!

The Family

My dad making a funny face, then telling me I was a turkey for snapping the photo!

My niece Mattie! She loved them balloons!

My dog Keelee, she did pretty good being a model so i could try out my camera.

My niece Anna, determined to walk Zoey their English Mastiff who out weighs her prolly by 100lbs! And my mom, who i am sure appreciated me takin a picture of her "rear" thats what she calls it, haha!

My sister Jenna, niece Mattie, and my dad Randy and or Papaw.

Ella running with Zoey.

Mom, Anna, and Jenna making Anna's first brownies with her Easy Bake!

My niece Mattie and me.

Hope yall enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed my time with my family!


Diana Latham said...

Looks like an awesome Christmas with family, Scott. I bet your parents were soooo happy with so many of you home. You do have such cute nieces. the look.

Penny Rodgers said...

Love the photos, Scott! I guess you're enjoying your new camera! Glad you had a good holiday with you family. It's back to the daily grind, huh?!?

Justin said...

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