Sunday, December 14, 2008

Its Up To You (Maybe)

Well in an effort to have a weekly posting on my blog I have decided that I might just be tired of Rockin' the Winter beard. So, there should be on the right hand side of the page a poll for all of you lovely readers to vote on a facial hair style. I have given you multiple choices so please choose wisely! You may be saying to yourself, "Wow! Scott you are brave for allowing all of us readers to chose what you do with your facial hair!" Well, that would be a true statement if I were to just go with whatever the top choice is. But, I am not that brave. But if you feel strongly about one of the choices please leave a comment on this blog explaining why I should go with your choice. Ultimately, it is my face and pretty much my choice, but I do like having a little bit of input from some of my most trusted friends!! So please feel free to vote as many times as it will let you! Because your vote counts!! Well, it kinda does but really im just bored and thought this would be a fun endeavour. So yeah. I think I will put an end to this completely pathetic excuse for a weekly blog. VOTE!! Oh yeah, you just have till Thursday night to vote so VOTE!!


Penny Rodgers said...

You know, Scott, whatever you do, I'll grow back in several days! 'Cause you're such a hairy boy! I mean that lovingly!

Penny Rodgers said...

Not I'll grow back, that sounds creepy, IT'LL grow back is what I meant to say!