Tuesday, February 24, 2009

God says "I AM Better"

(This is a blog that was originally in a monthly newsletter I send out to my kids and then on my blog on my myspace. I am working on a blog that ties into this blog so i figured I would make this one more easily accesible to you who may not be in my myspace friends. And I am guessing at some point I will delete my myspace, anyhow. Here it is enjoy.)

God is better
That is the thought of the month, and maybe even the thought for the year!! This week God has really pressed in on my heart the idea that HE is better! So many times I am so caught up in worldly pleasures that I forget to acknowledge how good God really is and how much better God is than any worldly pleasure! Many times we look and say of course God is better that bad things like drugs or alcohol or gossip and rumors. But how many times do we look at the things of the world we enjoy most in life and say "This is good, but God is Better!"? I look back at the excitement of the gifts I received at Christmas and although the gifts I received were amazing gifts, I hear God saying "I AM Better"! It's not that God doesn't desire us to have good things, its just that God desires for us to know that no matter how good or wonderful we think something is, He is still ultimately greater! I think of the disciples when Jesus called them. They each were very much involved and in the midst of their life's journey. I believe many of us would try and reason with Him saying but God you have placed me in this great situation, i am living out my dreams! But the disciples with their action of leaving everything behind and following Christ they were saying "God where i am at is good, but LORD You Are Better!" I then look at the rich young man, who came searching for Christ but when he heard in not so many words, that he had many things but God is better. The Bible says that the rich young man went away saddened because he had many possessions. I think about how many times I hear God telling me, "Scott what you have or what you are wanting is good, but I AM so much better!!" Many times I hear that, and like the rich young man I go away saddened because I think for some reason this thing I am wanting; this thing that I have will bring me happiness. Even though I know and have heard many times that God is better I choose to forget that He truly is better! I choose to run after those things that only offer temporary happiness, only temporary joy. God truly desires for us to see just how good He really is. In the spirit of one of the trashiest movies of all time, like Ron Burgundy on Anchor Man, I can hear God saying "Hey everyone come see how good I AM!! I mean I really AM Good!!" As Jesus said in the Gospels of Mark and Luke, "No one is good-except God alone."

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