Friday, April 10, 2009

Worth It All Number Two

I wrote a blog yesterday on a song by Rita Springer called Worth It All. And as I think about today and Good Friday I wonder what the disciples initial response was on that first Good Friday. Do you think that they saw Christ hanging on the cross and said "Its gonna be worth it all."? These men had given up years of their lives to follow a man who many of them thought was going to be the "One" to lead Israel our of their bondage to the Romans. I think my reaction might have been one of dissappointment. One of wondering why in the world I had just given up so many years of my life to a cause that at the time seemed to be completely lost. I imagine I might have had the same reaction as some of the disciples and return to what they used to do, as it says in John 21. They had returned to what they used to do, they had lost hope. Christ then appears to them and when Peter realizes this he cant wait to get back to the shore where Christ is and jumps out of the boat and swims to him. I long for those times where Christ appears to us and in His own way tells us "Its Worth It All". Its at those times that we feel like all hope is gone that we trully long for the reassurance of our Savior letting us know that the work He has started in us He will finish! So whereever you may be, whatever you may be doing hold fast to the hope of Christ!! We know what the disciples didnt know that first Good Friday. We know that Christ arose from the grave!! So if you are in a place where you feel all hope is lost and feel much like the disciples may have felt that first Good friday, God is saying to each of us "its Friday and Christ has been crucified, but Sunday is coming!!" Things may look hopeless and dark but holdfast resurection is coming, hope is coming!!! Well I think thats all I have to say about that.


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