Thursday, April 9, 2009

Worth It All

There is a song by Rita Springer called "Worth it All" and I will just copy the lyrics because she says better what I am feeling at the moment.

Worth It All by Rita Springer

I dont understand Your ways,
Oh but I will give You my song.
I'll give you all of my praise.
You hold on to all my pain.
And with it You are pulling me closer.
Pulling me into Your ways.

Now around every corner and up every mountain.
Im not looking for crowns, or the water from fountains.
Im desperate and seeking,
Frantic believing.
That the sight of Your face is all that I need.

I will say to you that,
Its gonna be worth it.
Its gonna be worth it.
Its gonna be worth it all.

This is a song I needed to hear today. This along with seeing some kids that inspired me and humbled me more than anything has in quite a while. Thank You Lord for speaking to me through Your people with their words as well as their actions!!

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Penny Rodgers said...

I can't wait to hear more about this!