Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My weekly Wednesday!

Im kinda bored today so thought I would write about my weekly wednesday.  I mean, it never fails that every week, Wednesday comes around.  I get to Tuesday and think well, here comes Wednesday and get to Thursday and wonder where Wednesday went.  Not that Wednesday is bad or anything or that it is better than other days of the week, but I think its cool how Wednesday is always here.  This morning in staff meeting it was my turn to bring the devotional and God laid on my heart Deuteronomy 8.  It talks about God's provision for the Israelites for the 40 years in the wilderness and how God provided the mana for them and that their clothes never wore out.  My pastor pointed out how easily it would be for the Israelites to take the constant provision of God and forget that it was God providing (if that makes any sense).  Kinda like I forget that God gives me a Wednesday every week, and for that every day of the week.  In the midst of my week I often forget that it is God who is providing and allowing me to have each new day!!  I take it as something that just happens instead of being thankful for the opportunity that I have on Wednesdays to spend time with the Lord as well as spend time with kids and people alike who bless me so much.  So my thought for this my weekly Wednesday, is to make it more than just my weekly Wednesday but that this day might be a day that I truly thank God for being so gracious and awesome to provide me with another day here on this earth.  And in my weekly Wednesday I pray that I see the provision of the LORD, and not just go through expecting that I will be provided for. So that is my prayer for all of you as well, that you would begin to see the provision of the LORD in your own life! Blessings!! 


~The Blackman's~ said...

That was Pretty Darn Great!

Rebekah said...

Hi, Scott.
I miss being surrounded by good Godly men like you.

Sometimes I forget they exist.

I found your blog, by the way. :-)