Monday, October 6, 2008

T O a changed man.

If any of you saw Terrel Owens' press conference after the Cowboys game yesterday it was quite a unique press conference. He didn't rant or rave about not getting the ball, or bad mouth the play calling, or do anything negative! He stood there and said, and this isn't verbatim, that God has given him the talent to be on that football field.  That his life was more than just his number 81 more than the Big Stars on his helmet more than just playing football, but that his life was to give glory to God.  I don't know about you all, but I was very encouraged by this.  Not too often do you get a major sports figure giving God the glory, maybe after they have won an award or have been recognized but never just coming out and saying "I give God the glory for giving me the talent and the opportunity to play".   Now the media would just absolutely love it if he would throw some raging fit, but when he doesn't they act as if they are concerned with his well being.  That act as if something is wrong.  Last week after their loss to the Redskins he did go on a small tirade saying that they should get the ball to him more, which the media just blew up and ran with about the turmoil in Dallas!  They loved it cause it gave them something to report on gave them something to talk about and something to speculate about.  But this week there was nothing and so the only way that they can make news is to try and depict him as insincere and try to say that his change in character is just simply a tactic or publicity.  Well, I believe that yesterday he was trying to shy away from the cameras trying to make sure that the spotlight was on his whole team not just him, and I actually do take him at his word and trust that he is genuine.  And even though T O will probably never read this blog, I applaud you for the changes you have made in your life.  Living a life in full view of the public cannot be an easy place to be, but I think you have matured over the last few years tremendously and do see a change in your personality and the way you carry yourself.  So keep on giving the media what they don't want, and exactly what God has called all of us to, give them the message of Christ and be who HE (GOD) has created us to be not who the mainstream desires us to be!! But that goes for all of you out there, Christ has called us to be his image bearers.  To be reflectors of His glory and majesty.  And thats all I have to say about that!

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What a wonderful world this could be if everyone would do the same!