Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 1 and 2 in Honduras

Hello from Honduras!  We are in the afternoon of day 2 in Honduras.  We arrived here at the El Sembrador last night at about 6pm.  Both of our flights yesterday were smooth and we made all of our connections and arrived in Honduras right on time about 11:25am yesterday morning.  Once we left the airport we all got a healthy dose of Tegucigalpa traffic! It took us an hour or so to go what should have taken about 15 minutes.  This afternoon we are all just resting and visiting some with the team from West Virginia that is here with us.  Most of us are a little bit tired since we didn't get much rest on Friday night, but we all slept well and long last night.  The weather is humid as we expected but not too bad.  This morning we attended the Worship service here at the farm school which was full of joy and excitement! It is so cool to get to worship with the Body of Christ in a different country and language! God really spoke to me about how I often am so used to the routine of church back home that I go in just going to receive and not be active participant in what is going on.  Here I am forced to seek, since there is that language barrier.  Anyhow, it has been a learning experience and God is speaking to me and teaching me as I am getting a peak into what He is doing here in Honduras!  Continue to pray for rest for the team as well as the energy and joy we need to share the love of Christ with everyone that we meet!! 


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