Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dia 4

Wow! I cant believe the 4th day has come and gone already! The week is flying by way too fast! I really wish I could stay longer!!  Today was another rainy day here in Honduras! We truly hit the rainy season this year! We did get quite a bit done despite numerous rain delays today on the dorm we are painting.  The work day started off with some nice sunshine which caused us all to sweet more than any person should!! Haha! My shirt was definitely soaked and I was pretty ripe by lunch!  This afternoon started off with a lil sunshine, but then we started to hear a little bit of thunder and before long there was a nice torential down pour for a good 20 minutes or more!! In the midst of this rain Jake and I decided to go and jump the road that had turned into a river, which was fun and then Jeffrey joined in too.. then we decided that it would be more fun to go run a lil bit more through the rain and then we proceeded to slip and slide through some grass, this was great fun but I soon realized that it was just 2pm and the sun would probably come back out and we would still have 2 hours of work to do in sopping wet clothes, this made me think that it was not so much of a good idea, but... it was pretty much too late by then.  We finished up work for the afternoon with some more sunshine and then had a wonderful supper!! (they feed us good down here!!)  Tonight we were blessed to hear the stories of a guy named Jeremy who is a volunteer down here as well as a family, but I cannot remmeber their names... Anyhow, both of their stories were very inspiring stories, stories of people taking seriosly the Word of God in their lives!!  I cannot express how good of a time we are having down here in Honduras!! The team has been so great to work hard as well as connect with the boys here!  We have also gotten to work with a group from West Virginia and are building relationships with all of them as well which is also great!  We also got to sing a little bit more tonight with some of the guys here at the school as we are practicing to help them lead a few songs tomorrow night for their Wednesday night Church service!!  I am really excited about the connection I know that God will allow us to have in worshiping with them tomorrow night!! Continue to pray for us and willing attitudes to serve and listen to the voice of God as He reveals Himself to us through the people we are encountering this week! Praise be to Lord who has blessed us with this amazing opportunity!!

in awe of the one who gave it all,

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