Sunday, June 7, 2009

Day 2 from Honduras

Well it is now 9:15Sunday night here in Honduras! It has been another great day! We all feel that we are the one's being ministered to and blessed. Today was a day of rest mainly with a few Sunday activities as well. We woke up this morning and had a great breakfast!! We have our own personal cook down here, here name is Andy (pronounced Aundy) she is quite a great cook! After breakfast we went to some singing before Sunday school and then off to Sunday school where we all divided up some and went into different classes to see how they do Sunday school. After that we went back to the Sanctuary and had worship. We sand a couple hymns and other songs and then heard a sermon from one of the students who is in the Bible College here. (Oh and we sang When the Roll is Called Up Yonder! I was excited about getting to sing that in Spanish!!) We ate lunch with the boys in their cafeteria, the food there was great as well!! We had chicken, what i would call cole slaw, rice, and then tortillas (Im not sure what part of the chicken I ate there were a few unfamiliar bones I havent seen before??) But it was very good food!! This afternoon we taught the boys a little about Football Americano (the football we love so much in Artesia!). The actually picked things up really quickly and we got to play for an actual game for about an hour, unfortunately us Americans got our tail ends handed to us :-(. We are supposed to have a rematch possibly on Tuesday night!! After some rest this afternoon and some good pizza we had Sunday night worship! It was a really awesome time!! Then after church we played volley ball with the boys where we once again got beat, but we were improving! Overall day two was a very good day! The language barrier is somewhat hard and makes us feel a little uncomfortable at times but I have actually found it comforting because during those times I can rely and lean on Christ!! God is definitely at work here at Escuela El Sembrador!! In the hearts of the people here as well as working on the hearts of us that are here to serve. We pray that tomorrow we will get to serve some since most of us feel like we have been served since we got here. It is a blessing knowing there are many of you praying back home for us!! I hope you all have a great Monday and I should be able to update you all again on what happens tomorrow!! But for now I will let yall go.

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Cheryl Gray said...

It sounds like a blessing already!! I believe God sends you blessings when you bless others, so embrace it!!! My prayers are with you all!!

Love you,