Thursday, June 11, 2009

Last day at the farm :-(

Well today is/was the last full day here at the farm. It was def a good day though! Mos of us were up and at em for breakfast at 6:30 (a couple of us were up earlier than that, I wasnt one of them.) We started working on a few different projects this morning. Some of us took some grates off some windows while others took down a couple of doors. After those projects were done some people knocked the ceilings out of a couple of the rooms and hall in the dorm we were helping prep for remodeling while some of the ladies took all of the nails out of those boards when they were carrying them out. Seth, Johnathan, and I after we finished with some metal grates off windows finished putting on the metal roof on the remodeled part of the dorm!! We just worked till lunch today because there were other things planned for the afternoon, which I will get to later, but I think I still sweated more today than I did the last two days. My pants and shirt were completely soaked and I was nasty dirty! This has been a common occurance throughout the week! Thankfully they have graciously let us wash some of our clothes!! I have been pretty nast each day after working, I have a pic of Jeffrey and I yesterday and then also a picture of just my pants and I am pretty sure my dad would be proud of how dirty I was (the dirtiness might even compare with the dirtiness of his pants sometimes mom!!) After lunch we went to some caves that are near Catacamas and explored them a little, def werent as big as Carlsbad Caverns but were def very interesting there was a river flowing through the whole part we walked through which was pretty neat! After that we went into Catacamas and climbed some 580 steps to the top of a hill where there was a cross, needless to say all of our legs will be sore tomorrow!! (oh yeah on the way from the caves(cuevas) we came upon a ginormus dead snake!! Where Travis (who is Bev's brother-n-laws grandson) decided he would pick up the snake and wrap it around him! It was pretty gross and he got blood from the snake on him I think it made me throw up a little in mouth!! After that we went and ate at a resturant in Catacamas, the food was good but a little bit different. They did serve some cooked banana chip type things that were super good!! After that we came back here to the farm for some more Futbolito (fast soccer) and then a little game of our own football in the courtyard where Jeffrey made one of the most amazing catches I have ever seen while triping over and into a flower bed stumbling, loosing his glasses, and still was able to catch the ball! It was quite amazing!! If any of you were wondering about the football game that was supposed to be last night, well it got cancelled since the Honduras National Soccer team was playing. Anyhow this might be my last blog from Honduras depending if we have internet service tomorrow night at the guest house that is in Teguc(that is what all the people here call Tegucigalpa) at the World Gospel Mission headquarters. But in case we are not able to have internet I will give you a run down of tomorrow. We wake up tomorrow for breakfast at 6:30. We then leave the farm at 7:30 to head to Teguc where we will have lunch at a McDonalds. After that we will go to the Valley of the Angles which is a shopping center where we should be able to get some souvineirs and stuff. After that we are going to go and check in to the guest house and then after that go out to eat at a nice resturant there in Teguc. Our flight leaves somewhere around 11ish on Saturday morning from Teguc and we should be into Houston by around 3 or 4 I think. I cant remember what the time change is. I hope this has given you all a small chance to take part in this week with all of us from a distance!! Thank you all for your comments on the blog as well as all of your prayers!! I have definitely appreciated both of them!! Blessings and goodnight from Honduras (possibly this will be the last time I am able to do this :-(. ) Goodnight!!

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fantastic stuff. you have done us a real service, Scott!!