Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Final 2 Days of Honduras

Well I didn't have Internet access the last night we were in Honduras and haven't gotten the chance to write about those days just yet, so I am going to do that now. I gave you a run down on the last blog of what we were planning to do on Friday and Saturday and well some of it ended up happening but some of it didn't. The day started out really well! We got up ate breakfast and were pretty much on schedule leaving El Sembrador. We continued to be on schedule till about 9 or so when we were about an hour or so from the school and our yellow dog bus decided that it wanted to overheat on us :-( while we were going up some pretty big hills. (Had I mentioned before the driving in Honduras??) Well if I hadnt, being on the side of the road is not a safe place to be at all. Anyhow, we let the bus cool down and headed back into Juticalpa so that we could catch a bus into Tegucigalpa. It was about 2 hours until the next bus so we went to a small mall and then had some Chester's Fried Chicken. We then headed out to go to the bus station where we loaded onto the nicest bus I have ever ridden in in my life! We even had our own stewardess who gave us a light lunch and a coke. We left at about 12:45 and were into Teguc by about 4. Once Travis got there with WGM's van we headed to a few souvenir shops to do a little bit of shopping. After we all bought things we really didn't need we headed to the guest house of WGM, we got settled in and then went and ate at a restaurant where I had one of the better steaks I have had recently!! (I might have mentioned it before but I will mention it again, it was kinda crazy to see people at almost all stores and restaurants who were security type people who had either some sort of rifle or most likely they had a pistol grip shotgun!) After we ate supper we headed to Baskin Robins for some ice cream!! (That's probably not very Honduran but it sure was good!!) We went back to the guest house and had a good time of visiting and then some headed to bed and some stayed up visiting some more. I had the privilege of sleeping in a hammock on a screened in porch and for the first time of the my stay in Honduras I actually got a little bit cool while sleeping which was pretty nice. The next morning I awoke about 5:40 or so and we had breakfast and started our journey back to the states! I once again had to go through the ringer getting through security. I had my carry on bags searched completely through twice and had to get wanded as I was boarding the plane. Good thing I wasn't trying to bring anything illegal back. I was asked by the Customs agent in Houston if I had brought back any dope or guns, I told him no and he then asked me how come I hadn't. We joked a little bit so that was comforting and fun! From there after getting through a few more security check points where I luckily didn't have to go through the ringer again. After that a few of us went to Pappadeaux's for supper where I had some Alligator for and appetizer then some good ole fried shrimp for the main course and a great big ole huge piece of cheesecake with strawberries for dessert!! Needless to say I was completely stuffed!!! We then had a couple more hours to waste in the airport and our plane finally departed for Midland at about 9:30 central time and we got into Midland around 10:45cst after we went through a few clouds and a sorta rough ride, but I thought it made things good and exciting!! After arriving in Midland we began the journey back to Artesia and arrived back here at about 1:30am! The trip was a great time and a great blessing! I thank all of you for all of your prayers and support during those days we were gone! And I look forward to the prayers and support that we have as we go on our next few trips for the summer!!

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one down, two to go. May the Lord bless many others through all your journeys. This one was a blessing to us from a distance.