Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pics from Honduras

Flying into Teguc

another shot of flyin into Teguc
A group of houses on a hill side.
it was pouring rain once we got through customs in Honduras so therefore we were soaked once we go to the yellow dog bus.
Seth was tired from a long day, Johnny laughin at Seth!
Water Buffalo, its whats for dinner!!
One of the boys making a sweet rocking chair!!
The Chapel at Escuela El Sembrador
One of the many massive trees that are prolly close to 400 years old and one of the houses at the school.
They paint billboards on the side of rocks

Working on de-tiling the dormA game of Futbolito!!
That black figure in the center of the tree is a Hollar Monkey, and let me tell you it may look small but it has the deepest hollar i have ever heard from a small animal!!
My first coke in over a year! Gosh it burned the junk out of my throat!

Four guys crammed in the back of the WGM VanFresca ahh refreshing!!

These are just a few pics of what went on in Honduras, I am trying to post a few here and there as I get the opportunity. I hope you all enjoy!! Blessings!

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