Monday, June 8, 2009

Day 3 from Honduras!

Wow!! What a cram packed full day of stuff today!! This morning we went on a tour of the whole school and farm. We started out going through all of the vocational buildings and then moved on to the dorms as well as the kitchen and laundry area. The tour this morning took about 4 hours. A few pretty interesting things happened on the tour, first of all I found the rocking chair I want (its one they made here on the farm and its beautiful, the only problem is getting it back to the states!!), next we heard a gunshot as we were going into the boys dorms (no worries though, they were just shooting a water buffalo!! I got pictures of them hauling it up to be slaughtered a few pics of them in the process of processing it, pretty interesting!!), and finally I broke my fast from cokes today at the snack shop here at the farm (they have pepsi in glass bottles, it was quite good, but it stanking burned my throat!!). We had a wonderful lunch and then had a good work this afternoon clearing some of the rooms of the dorm they are remodeling as well as doing the beginning work to take the roof off of that same dorm. Tonight for supper we had tacos with homemade tortillas (gosh they were amazing!!) and then got to watch two matches of Futbolito (Fast Soccer) which is soccer played in a small court and and it is very fast!! My team the Amarillo Team (yellow team for those of you who dont know spanish) lost, but it was a great match!! We finished the day off with Banana Splits over at Travis and Lorie's house (those are two of the Missionaries here at the school)! I think everyone is having a great time with all that is going on and things can only get better!! I hope everyone has a splendid Tuesday!!

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Elaine Wilson said...

Scott: It sounds like your days are busy and full. Hopefully, yu all feel the prayers that are being sent by all the rest of us at FUMC-Artesia. Time will fly far too quickly so enjoy each moment. You are all wonderful examples of what Christians are and we applaud you.
God Bless,
Carl & Elaine