Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 5 From Honduras

It has been another good day in Honduras!! This morning it was Cooper and my turn to do breafast prep so my morning started at 5:45 this morning!! That seems super early but in all reality I have had a good amount of energy even waking up 2 hours before I normally do, hehe!! We had pancakes for breakfast and they were amazing!! That is one thing that has def been good here!! The food!!! There is no shortage of yumminess and most of us will most likely come back a few pounds heavier than when we left. But we have worked fairly hard so maybe our work has kept up with our food! Today we continued removing roof tiles (tejas) from the dorm they are remodeling. We got a good amount done this morning and after a good roast beaf lunch we went back and finished the whole roof!! (We actually didnt think we would finish that until tomorrow so that was super cool!) Also a few of the people went to an awards banquet this afternoon while some of us were finishing up the roof to show our support to the boys there as well. After that there was a faculty vs. students soccer game. I watched the first half and it was good an exciting and it was tied 2-2 then. After that I spotted some boys playing some basketball and couldnt resist going over and in my broken spanish ask if I could play too. So I played a game similar to around the world (if you know what that is) where I think they were making up some of the shots I had to make. They were laughin a bit so i figured they were prolly saying haha look what we are making this idiot do. But then another guy got to the same point in the game as me and he was having to try the same shots so at that point i felt a little better about the whole thing. We were just gettin goin when the dinner bell rang so our fun game was cut short. We had supper then which was some BBQ Chicken and baked potatos then a good ole peanut butter pie thing that was super good!! After that we thought there was church, but when we showed up we learned that it was just small group and so the ladies went ahead and went to the girls small group and us guys headed back here to the conference center porch where we had a short Bible Study slash discussion! After that the some of us went and watched the first half of the Honduras vs El Salvador World Cup qualifier match. Then came back for the nightly meeting and then everyone else was tired so I decided to go back and finish watching the 2nd half so I did!! Honduras won 1-0!!! It was a great game!! Today has been a good day and as our week here is winding down I am a little bit sad. It has been such a good time and it has gone by so fast! Tomorrow is our last full day here on the farm since we will be making the trek back to Teguc on Friday for our flight that will leave Saturday morning. Oh yes, funny story for today. (Well actually a few) 1st. I have been meaning to write this in the last two blogs but have forgotten. On Monday after seeing the Holler Monkeys that morning Beverly and Pattie kind of went crazy and began swingin from trees, they actually ran off into the jungle and we couldn't find them. Kinda of a crazy story. The good news though is that they showed back up today and seem to be back to normal!! (ok the part about running into the jungle and being gone for two days was a lil bit of a stretch, but they did sorta swing from a tree while they were trying to break off a dead branch.) 2nd funny story- tonight while in our nightly meeting I noticed that my shorts were unzipped and I then thought to myself alright when the meeting is over I will walk kinda somewhere and discreetly zip my shorts back up. Well if you know me, you know I dont have a great memory sometime so I forgot to zip my pants up. So i stood up from the meeting and kinda stretched and then I hear Seth and Johnathan laughing then I remebered. So I sat down but then all of the attention was on me so to make the moment even more awkward I danced strangely around the corner and then zipped up my pants. Ok, maybe that story isnt as funny to yall, but it was to me!! Anyhow I know this post has prolly been pretty lengthy and I do thank you for stickin with me through it. I wont give you a preview of tomorrow so it will keep you all in suspense until the next day!! I hope all of you have a splendid Thursday!!


Russ said...

Hey Scott! Don't know if you'll get this! But Colton Campbell texted me today he thinks he'll be able to go on the mission trip after all and was wondering if the spot was still open and asked me to try and get ahold of you while hes in florida! Let me know whenever you get time even on Saturday if need be! Love and miss all of yall! Sounds like yall are having fun!! Be safe comin back!

Elaine Wilson said...

Scott: Sometimes the world seems to be such a large place and in the next, so small. While you're eating BBQ chicken in Honduras, we're eating BBQ chicken in Artesia. Roofs are being repaired, games are being watched, somebody's "fly" is open, and the word of God is being studied. Simply amazing! As is your story about Bev and Patti but we'll leave that for when you get back home. It is terrific to be a part of your experience through your blog so thank you for that. Our prayers continue to be with you all. God bless, Elaine