Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day 4 I suppose?!?!

Well my days are getting all mixed up but thats ok! We had a good day today! Its been a long day but it was def a good day! Today we had a fairly good day of work! We finished one side of the roof we started on yesterday and started on the other side. It was a little bit hotter today and I prolly sweated about a gallon of water but no worries mom I drank plenty of water!! Funny story though, so while working on this roof I sweated pretty profusely and then sat on some dirt so on the way to lunch it looked like i had a small case of the hersey squirts in my pants but it was just a mixture of sweat and dirt, but it was quite gross!! So that was a funny story for today. I also have a pretty crazy tan as well from wearing just one glove!! A part from working on clearing all of the spanish tiles off of the roof we didnt do a whole lot more than that today. Some of the ladies did help make some cupcakes for a multi-month birthday party for the boys. They had the party for them where they sang and played some interesting games that I will bring back to the states so that we can play them as well. They had the party and games and the cupcakes and then from there we just kinda hung out and relaxed the rest of the night. Tomorrow looks like another day of removing tiles off the roof and then watching a soccer game in the afternoon between the faculty and the boys and then have supper and church and then hopefully a game of football where we can redeem ourselves from our poor performance from Sunday. I will blog about all of this tomorrow night, so there is alot for you all to look forward to hehe!! I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed Wednesday!!


Anonymous said...

Scott this has been a treasure, to get to read your daily musings. You give us a good snap shot of what's going on down there, and how
God is using you and the team.

newdutchess said...

It's great to read your blog and know that everything is going well. We are all here praying for you and can't wait to hear all the stories you will bring back when you return!!
God Bless, Nora